A very easy to use Timer and Stopwatch plugin for Photoshop.

Timer preview in dark mode
Use it as a time tracker for your projects or increase your productivity by setting a time limit for your speedpaint. 🎨

Where to get it

You can get your hands on Timer for Photoshop on either Artstation or Gumroad. Prices might differ by a couple of cents, this is due to Artstation being based on USD and Gumroad on EUR.

What it does for you

Been using your phone or a website to track the time you're spending on painting or designing? Timer for Photoshop is a simple to use extension that integrates right into your Photoshop workspace.

You can set a countdown or a stopwatch. Press play when you want to start, pause when you're taking a well deserved break and when you're done you just hit that stop button.

Preview of the Countdown function
Preview of the Stopwatch function

How to install

The easiest way to install Timer for Photoshop and get started with time tracking is to use a third-party installer
Two popular ones are Anastasiy's Extension Manager and ZXP Installer. Pick whichever suits you best!

Anastasiy's Extension Manager

  • Install extensions
  • Update extensions
  • Remove extensions
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ZXP Installer

  • Install extensions
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